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Space Journeys to other Planets

Wellcome on Board!

I greet you in the name of our Special Galactic Creational Crew. Let me to introduce you my collegaues: Captain Kozminauta, Fullkolor, our navigator. My name is Luna Center.
We proudly present the Monolith Unlimited Space Program next to the Jupiter.
Please fasten your seatbelts, soon we start our next space-journey.
Every night we travel to a different planet in your solar system. We will travel to a new planet today.
In vedic astrology every planet is a deity, and has to be honoured like that. Has a mantra, and a ritual. It has a special quality, a colour, a symbol, belongs to an element, a smell, a mineral or a gemstone. Every planet is governed by a chakra inside the human body.
Today is.., the day of..so we travel there.
We pay tribute to the Planet Deity, we bend our heads infront of the Lord.

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Special Galactic Creational Crew

Special Galactic Creational Crew

Wellcome on Board.
Please activate your seatbelts, we are starting our next journey.
I greet you in the name of our Special Galactic Creational Crew.
Let me to introduce you my collegaues: Captain Kozminauta and Fullkolor, our navigator . My name is Luna Center. We proudly present the Monolith Unlimited Space Program, next to the Jupiter.
It took long time and big efforts for us to create everything here, which seems so real for you. Realise, see and touch the ground, the objects which surrounds you and your own bodies! That's all seams so real for you! Did you ever thought that it's just an illusion? A virtual projection of the 5th dimension?The bodies, and the surfaces of the surrounding objects seams so real, not?
Behind the massive objects and bodies a transparent and fluid dimension is flowing, more naturally than you ever thought. In that so-called "brahman"-sphere everything is one and continous, events and intensities transforming to each other, and nothing means a concrete network or nexus, what is created is just a second-long sparkle. Infront of this sphere, which is also called the "time-space continuum" or "intensive continuum" lies the sphere which you experience as real, the "extensive continuum". That's what you call and experience as "real". The objects and bodies seams so real, not? (laugh) Everything seams real: the bones, the arteries, the breath-taking - did you ever experience? - your skin, which covers you all.. that's all seams so real. And that you are able to make a sound! Did you ever try?Try your voice! Shout! Scream! Did you hear your voice? Isn't that funny? That you are able to create sounds? You really think that it is natural? That you deserve that precious body? Did you ever thought about how you take a breath with your lungs, that you are breathing in and out in every minute? You really think that is is natural?
That "brahman"-sphere is carrying you in every minute of your life, as shadows on water, every minute of you is an outcome of a new creation and needs phantastic energies from the creator! I can't see a drop of gratitude on your faces! And the magical nervous system, what you have! It was not easy to create that, believe me! Touch yourself, touch each other, use your legs, make a sound! Do you feel the power within you? What do you think from where this power comes?You realy think that it is the reality? These magics are not enough for you to believe?!That's unbelievable! As the pilot of the Galactic Creational Crew I advise you to be aware! Be aware of yourself and of your values! Because the time is closed by!

Our Special Galactic Creational Crew, The Monolith Unlimited is established - long before you or your Planet Earth was created - to install so-called Monoliths in several choosen planets of the Universe. Or initial aim was mere experimenting. The installed Monoliths around living planets are able to provocate consciousness-changes and in connection with that evolutionary jumps and special mutation and transformation among entities and species. Well, a similar Monolith was installed in your planet Earth, and before in the neighbour asteroid, what you call Moon and also on the Iapetus-4, very close to the Saturn which was occupied by Syriusian.
As a member of that Special Galactic Creational Crew our task is to install, maintain and test these Monoliths.
The Monolith is a channel or a tool of making relationships across the Universe.
Our sensitive operating instruments unquestionably pointed out that a Monolith reached your Planet in this place, so it's radiation is highly intense around this area. Under the Magic Garden, 2500 diad-depth beneath the ground, beneath the pyramid a Monolith is being activated. That's why - because of strictly scientifical causes - we need to make a testing. Our Crew now freely investigate what effects it has on the living and unliving entities and networks.
And now let me to introduce my favourite collegaue, Cosminauta, who can share his views about the solarity and the lack of solarity, what typical symptomes it has, what you also experience subconsciously. Cosmi!

"When the Sun expands... your bodies like an ocean-harbour, from where your soul sails away. I you would manage to loose the gravitation and dependence of your Star, you could feel the lack of solarity, your soul would sail to the infinity.."
Thanks Captain Cosminauta. From that it seems to be clear that my collegaue finds a direct connection between the solarity and the dependence. You are locked inside your bodies so much, because you have a highly intense connection with your Sun. That makes a special dependence and insisting, you insist too much on your bodies, to your own body, to the objects, which surrounds you all. You find it hard to fight against this effect, my collegaue also shares the view that it is only possible if you loose your Sun and travel behind, only that would make you liberated. Despite of that fact I ask you to be relaxed!

We are waiting for that moment since long. The Monolith is being activated right now. Watch, you all take place in a special experiment. You were chosen by different aspects and causes to be here right now, we wanted you to be here and you all were chosen to take part in that special experiment, we wanted you to be here. According to different reasons you are the one who is able to accept that special vibration of the Monolith. Do you feel something already? Do you know why you are here? No? How can this happen? You really want to say that you are not prepaired?

You forgot your mission, why you are here? But you know, that you have a mission. You were sent here to fulfill your mission! You are fully aware of that? What is your mission, sir? and what's yours? Would you tell me? Is there someone who knows why he or she is here on Earth right now??Don' make me sad! You need to know! That was crystal clear for everyone of you! It was settled long time befor you came! No one ever recognised?Oh, no.. that can't be!You just pretend that you don't know. Do you have the thiniest vision how big efforts we made to create and maintain you all?? How could that happen that you are not prepaired for the meeting? We are just among the first visioners who came for testing, but that will really happen in 2013! A mass will come. Please do something fast and be prepaired! Are you ready with that avatar, which task we sent thousands of years ago?You use the Stargates? How? You even don't know that they exists? You are running a space program since long, don't you? How far you get? That's ridiculous! Whatever.. it's here! Everything is here, the entrance of the Stargate is here, close to your planet! How? You never used? Or the ones who used kept in secret? The Stargate is for everyone! It is settled here for both of you! How could that happen that you are not aware of that? It is here since thousands of years! We installed that as well for you! As the pyramids and landing panels! What? You can't believe? Don't joke with me, take it serious man, I am serious. You are in deep trouble! Don't say that you don't know! How many entrances they have to heaven, James, 12? At least.. There's the biggest one in Tibet, that's just huge to be seen, I hope everyone knows at least that entrance. Do you? That's bigger than the ozone-hole what you've created.. that's a very clean, straight channel to heaven. Don't say that you never thought about, that you never recognised.. oh, man. But you have more in South America, Egypt, Jerusaleim. I hope you could list more..Sure you know these sacred entrances! How many avatars we've send? 12? Or even more? You know their teachings? Of course... you need to know! And you practice their teachings? What a hell you are doing instead of that in your free life-time?? Please don't say, you never heard about! At least, don't say, ok? We informed you long ago and in time. We've send at least 12 of us to Planet Earth. Don't say you never recognised.. You know these avatars, you know their teachings, you know the keys, the practices and also the sacred entrances, why you are not using them? Get in connection with heaven right now!, It's not too late, yet to find the right track, and establish the right connection with heaven!

According to our information that Solar System is using the same galactic informational channels, also member of the Facebook community, and other social sites, that's not a joke..for what purpose you are using these channels? You have public media, international, global information-network, you have the web.. What do you think why we installed all these forms from Mercury and Uranus, and further from Neptun.. all these information-transmitting techniques, open channels which were originally created to open a free galactic information-exchange? You also have smart phones, you called "galaxy". You never had the idea, that it means something..? Oh, man..
And what about the anti-gravitational transportation?

Look. Just 3 days passed since we are here on this planet, and got this human body for the sake of you, to be more easy for you to accept us.
Cosminauta is huge, green and slimy, eating yellow flowers, I am also huge and skyblue, and James... well. James we catched on the Jupiter, and you know.. the jupiterians. You know? They build up by gas, huge, red gas bubbles and swimming on air, like your dolphins.Have you ever watch the movie? The documentary movie, 2001: Space Odyssey.. or have you ever read the book? Do you remember the landing on Jupiter? That pretty important for you to know and remember because of the present and future of mankind!.. So. .we just spoke about, since we are here, how humbling that you still insist to gravitation! According to the view of Cosminauta, that's because the solarity -effect, what you have here. But how can this happen, that you still can't make a diference between weight and heavy, and can't make a difference between the move and it's direction? Why you can't count with energy in connection with time and space? And your vehickles... oh, man..Sorry to say. You still use vehickles in your public or mass transportation, which can't jump or be completely independent from gravitation! Because you think that's sooo real. And what sbout the recycling energy sources? Don't make me nervous.. And no one ever recognise, no on ever takes a step? We were sent to be here, to observe and make experiments but no one can interrupt natural processes. In such a strategically important planet! I can't understand!

When we created you mentally and virtually the fear, as an emotion was not in your evolutionary project. That's a mistake, a special deformity, which was created by millions of years, and was not our fault. You have created that. You need to step out, to come forward. You need to take the next step. I know that you find it hard because of the solarity, but please, at least have a try! Oh, how pity it is!

And have you recognised already what the fifth toe for? Why you don't lose the fifth toe along the evolution? Why you insist to it so much?It is completely unnecessary. Move your fifth toe, do you have the fainthest idea what it is for? And how can this happen that you use just the 10% of your brain capacity? I couldn't beleive and then i came here and now i see..the rumour is true. I came here and I sad to recognise that yes, that's true. I don't want to be sarcastic, but even in hibernation we are more active, mentally more living then you. What a hell is going here? Do something and do it fast, because the whole creation commando is on the way back here and will push that jump, what you needed to make by your own, and it will be more painful and faster as a transformation, because it will come from outside. You need to be transformed, do it from inside, or it will be done! Another galactic big checking up is getting actual in theese days. I am not joking. I am serious.But I cant tell you more. Be prepaired for the the next line-up!

You are predestinated to live and radiate your desires, to be happy, to make your energy-levels higher and also work on the energy-levels of the mankind and of the whole planet, to reach higher intensity, happier present and future, expand your energies to an unlimited intensity and to a total hierophany, - according to the initial plan, as far as i know. I ask my collegaues to corrigate me, if I make a mistake. And instead of that you use an energy-blocking chip, absolute illegally, which was also not our invention. That was NOT us. We have no connection with the perseusians. Syriusians and perseusians always belong to opposite sides. I find it important to repeate we never ever had a connection with them, and soforth we can't take the responsibility for their mistakes!

The usage of the energy-blocking chips are illegal in your Solar System, as well. That attitude is very uncommon, normally never happens in other solar systems, and the Monolith Unlimited is shocked and standing infront of this phenomenon. The energy-blocking chip provocate it's host to harm the other living entity, rivalise with the others, and seek to destroy its energies, steal from, and dominate the others, because of a false feedback thinks that that's the way to gain energies. Furthermore the usage of these chips gather and lock the positive energies of the societies. That negativity-generator creates deformities in the host's self, and also in the populaton and societies, that harm is so huge that the Monolith Unlimited needs to interrupt. Everyone has an energy-blocking chip, someone has it from the birth, someone got it from infections or desease, someone knows, someone doesn't, someone is using consciously, someone tends and hides it's usage, someone is using subconscious, someone thinks that he is using, but not, someone thinks he is not using, but yes, someone fears of usage but does for the sake of others, someone fears of usage and don't use. Someone pretends the using to adapt to the mainstream, but use not.
That is so common, that I risk that all of you know, what I am talking about and can localise his or her energy-blocking chip. Please try to localise and threw it away. If you still have and it's in an active phase, the door will detect and make a beep-beep sound at the end of testing. If it doesn't make a sound, that means, it has a technical problem, don't trust in instruments, trust in yourself, your intuition.

And now I pass the word to my collegaue Cosminauta to tell a few words for you about these chips. He made researches, and he was the one who discovered this phenomenon, and according to his numbers we could localise the problem inside the galaxy. Moreover the usage of this energy-blocking chip is here, in this special region, the most intense within your planet, we found the most customer here, the most active host and this place is very infected, the most harm done here. Here, in this region, called Hungary the usage of these chips are going to be a fashion, a new trend, a new poisoned mania and lifestyle, the basic condition of the political adaptation, kind of national symbolism, so the process tends to have a huge wave, with the help of our galactic rreational crew this could be stopped and pushed backwards.

But let the scientist have a few words, who discovered the phenomenon, I pass the word to Cosminauta, who tells you the facts, what you would have discovered by yourselves thousands of years ago, according to the initial plan. Cosmi!.

Despite of the propaganda, which you hear from the media, that chip is rather harmful, never believe in the positive PR, do not believe the neighbour as well not. The energy-blocking chip is responsible for the negative energys, the general flat moods among citisens, the bad consciousness and for the non well--being, capitalism and consuming societies. If you have that chip - and according to our listings, you have - then our crew can de-activate freely and replace it with a desire-projector chip.
The desire-projector chip, - on the contrary - helps to activate the positive feromons in the host's brain, make the imaginations more vivid, more clean, more intense and shiny, and soforth helps these virtual images to became real. It helps the energy-level of the host developing higher, and also inspires that person to help others and work for the energy-levels of someone else and of the whole community, helping the other, loving the other, the ultimate goal or aim of the host is the happiness of the other. With the usage of the desire-projecting chip the energy-levels of the whole comminity is raising higher, and that has an effect on each and every member of the population, so a positive flow starts to circulate, which helps everyone and the planet for the ultimate transformation.

Our Special Creational Crew, the Monolith Unlimited can't interrupt natural processes, even in danger, for the purpose of the rescuing species or planets. You take the responsibility of your evolutionary development. But in this case a really huge and harmful desease takes place, which could effect other planets as well, inside the Galaxy - so our task is to interupt. It is not against the galactic law, and because your next galactic checking up is very close, we need to fasten the positive tendencies, so we move directly, hoping that we could achieve positive healing with these transplantations.

And now I ask you to close your eyes and imagine that this energy-blocking chip stops functioning after the beep-beep sound you 'll hear. Still with closed eyes imagine the other person standing next to you, a similar living entity, a so-called human and imagine that you love that person, accept him or her and wish to maintain the happiness and freedom of that person. The happiness of that person is more important for you now, then your own happiness, because you know, that the energy, which takes part in this relation will make you happy as well, as a positive feedback, and even happier then before, so your happiness will multiply, so according to the hedonistic calculus and also upon economical base it is worth to want the happiness of the other, because that makes a ground and that multiplies your happiness. Love the other! Accept the other next to you and want from your very heart the happiness of that person, want that this person to be happy, even happier then you!
And now imagine that someone among the people gathered here, who was a stranger for you before, who knows why, you called that person a stranger or an alien, but that person in the very moment think about you with the same love, accepts you wholly, totally and wish your happiness. the biggest wish of that person is to sustain your happiness and freedom.
That happiness-maximalization, what you experience now in your heart and soul, gives a lot to the whole community, the energy-level of the community raise higher, the whole present gathered community has a higher energy-level now and one by one and as a community as well. Our aim is to carry on this intensity and never forget this experience. Now you can open your eyes.

I ask you to hold the hand of the other next to you and make a circle around the virtual Monolith. The one, who feels that he or she still has an active energy-blocking chip, just tear it off from the brain, from the left side of the brain with a qick and fast, confident gesture. I show you, how. And then, throw that chip inside the center of the circle.
We hope that brave volunteers undertake and realise that self- operation, and others will follow their positive examples. The positive examples are very important for the whole community. Be brave and help each other to be brave. Meanwhile we turn around in a circle dancing. If you wish, you can use your voice and make sounds, which express what you feel right now!

At the end of the experiment - for strictly scientifical purposes - let me to run a quick test on you one by one. The test itself is not painful and have no risk. The one who undertake himself to this action, which means only a second, beside our space-shuttle pult, could deliver his personal star-piece, which guarantees the free flow of energies. We ask you to carry it with you always, if you feel uncertain, or tend to be uncertain sometimes, in other cases that's enought to keep that star-piece in your flat in a certain, central place, which could be well- seen. Please do not borrow your star-pieces, don' change or exchange them, and do not lose. It is forbidden to sharpen or smoothen their surface, that would mean a risk, so our crew is against that. We kindly ask you to keep it in appropriate respect.

Me and my collegaues start the experiment right now on the space shuttle, and beside the Monolith, we are waiting for the volunteers to come. And at the end we draw a statistics which we will generalise to the whole planet earth's population.

Thank you for choosing our space program and took that trip with us.
In the name of our crew I wish you very a happy landing!